Somewhere in the sky

And more..

DISCLAIMER: Just a thought and not really drawing any rigid conclusions!

In the mist of dawn.

Some thoughts I was left musing on while I looked on out of the flight window. The unusually beautiful moonlight radiated over the gossamer clouds and that left me thinking…

They say every person has a star after him in the sky. I don’t really agree with this. What makes you compare a person with a star? Stars perennially shine. Have you ever heard of a perilous star that can harm humanity? Rather why not compare a person with a cloud? You have clouds that are harbinger of a storm, clouds that insinuate tornado, clouds that protect you from the sun, clouds that form imagery of cartoon characters for kids or people dwelling in imagination, clouds that are little kids delight, ephemeral clouds just like human nature and people. Clouds are the perfect analogies to explain human nature or rather just people. Clouds are everywhere just like us – some broken whilst some strong. Sometimes we have cloudless days of freedom and sometimes cloudy days of chaos. Nothing is static, constantly in change of flux just like these white fluffy clouds.

So what if they don’t shine? Just like all of us they need an external light to help them shine in their true glory – can be the light of the sun or the moon

Not everyone is born a star!

PS: What do you think is a cloud burst? when it gets all too much, somewhere sometime you have to let it go! – As simple as that!

So many correlations, so much to write- just gave a gist of it!


Happy Womens day!

And more..

All pretty girls and beautiful women out there, a very happy womens day to you all!

Though, this day on the calender was more popularized by the western culture, it did not take much time for Indians to adopt this spirit. After all, women of this side of the world are no less! Inspite of the orthodoxy that is overtly dominant in our culture, many Indian women broke out from the shackles of these conventional decrees and achieved what even their male counterparts couldn’t have.

I still remember learning about the ” Educating”  women in our history chapters! That is all bygone now. There will be a time when the tables will turn and we will be learning about “Educating men” in our ” MORAL SCIENCE” text books! Very apt- isn’t it?

Anyways, on this day, I’d love to talk about my  favorite – Sudha Murthy.

 Sudha Murthy

220px-SudhaMurthySudha Murthy, according to me is one of the most influential personalities of this nation. Not only is she a prolific writer, but she is also the brains behind one of the biggest MNC’s- Infosys which is headed by Narayan Murthy to whom she got married while she was working in TELCO. Also, just to quip in, Sudha Murthy was the first lady engineer to be hired by TELCO back then!

She was awarded with “Raja-Lakshmi” award for her contribution to social work and also received a “Padma-Shri” in the year 2006 for her contribution in field of education , social work.( Source: Wikipedia)

I recall reading the book ” How I taught my grandmother to read” back in my school days which helped me to develop a fondness for reading. Ironically, now I dont prefer reading any books by Indian authors(all thanks to Chetan Bhagat)!

To conclude,Sudha Murthy is a remarkable lady , perfect package of beauty and brains and one such global figure who’s identity and accomplishments are unmatched and irreplaceable till date.

Factoid: Sudha Murthy decided to impose a “shopping”ban on herself  after she turned 60. Quite a humble gesture isn’t it?

Once again, happy womens day! 🙂

PS: I didn’t want this short write up to look like a biography! I strictly restricted it to my knowledge,except for few excerpts from Wikipedia( just the year in which she was awarded the “Padma-Shri”)